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    Too Proud to Ask Webcast Series Opens Pandora’s Box – Storage Management

    Posted by J Metz

    Storage can be something of a “black box,” a monolithic entity that is at once mysterious and scary. That’s why we created “The Everything You Wanted To Know About Storage But Were Too Proud to Ask” webcast series. So far, we’ve explored various and sundry aspects of storage, focusing on “the naming of the parts.” Our goal has been to break down some of the components of storage and explain how they fit into the greater whole.

    On September 28th, we’ll be hosting “Everything You Wanted To Know About Storage But Were Too Proud To Ask – Part Cyan – Storage Management.” This time, we’re going to open up Pandora’s Box and peer inside the world of storage management, uncovering some of the key technologies that are used to manage devices, storage traffic, and storage architectures. In particular, we’ll be discussing:

    • SNMP – The granddaddy of management protocols
    • SMI-S – The bread-and-butter of vendor-neutral storage management
    • SNIA Swordfish – The new storage management solution gaining widespread momentum
    • Software-Defined Storage – The catch-all term for storage that includes architectures and management

    There’s so much to say on each of these subject. In fact, we could do a full webcast on any one of them, but for a quick overview of many of the technologies that affect storage in one place, we think you will find your time has been well spent.

    As always, we’ve assembled a great panel of experts to discuss these topics. So I hope you will be join us on September 28th, 2017, for our continuation of the “Too Proud To Ask” series with Cyan, the Storage Management Pod. Register here.

    And if you’ve missed any of the other “Too Proud To Ask” webcasts, they are all available on-demand. Happy viewing!

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