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    Too Proud to Ask Webcast Series Continues – Getting from Here to There Pod

    Posted by Fred Zhang

    As part of the SNIA Ethernet Storage Forum’s successful “Everything You Wanted To Know About Storage But Were Too Proud To Ask” series, we’ve discussed numerous topics about storage devices, protocols, and networks. As we examine some of these topics further, we begin to tease out some subtle nuances; subtle, yet important nevertheless.

    On May 9th we’ll take on the terms and concepts that affect Storage Architectures as a whole in “Everything You Wanted To Know About Storage But Were Too Proud To Ask – Part Sepia – Getting from Here to There.” In particular, we’ll be looking at those aspects that can help or hinder storage systems inside the network:

    • Encapsulation vs. Tunneling
    • IOPS vs. Latency vs. Jitter
    • Quality of Service (QoS)

    Each of these topics has a profound impact on storage designs and performance, but they are often misunderstood. We’re going to help you become clear on all of these very important storage concepts so that you can grok storage just a little bit more.

    We hope you will join us on May 9th at 10:00 am PT and that you won’t be “too proud” to ask our experts your questions! Register today.

    Think there may be other storage topics you feel you should understand better? Check out the rest of the webcasts in this series here.

    Update: If you missed the live event, it’s now available on-demand. You can also download the webcast slides.

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