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    Storage Performance Benchmarking – The Sequel

    Posted by J Metz

    We at the Ethernet Storage Forum heard you loud and clear. You need more info on storage performance benchmarking. Our first Webcast, “Storage Performance Benchmarking: Introduction and Fundamentals” was tremendously popular – reaching over 2x the average audience, while hundreds more have read our Q&A blog on the same topic. So, back by popular demand Mark Rogov, Advisory Systems Engineer at EMC, Ken Cantrell, Performance Engineering Manager at NetApp, and I will move past the basics to the second Webcast in this series Storage Performance Benchmarking Part 2. With a focus on System Under Test (SUT), we’ll cover:

    • Commonalities and differences between basic Block and File terminology
    • Basic file components and the meaning of data workloads
    • Main characteristics of various workloads and their respective dependencies, assumptions and environmental components
    • The complexity of the technology benchmark interpretations
    • The importance to System Under Test:
      • What are the elements of a SUT?
      • Why are caches so important to understanding performance of a SUT?
      • Bottlenecks and threads and why they matter


    I hope you’ll join us on October 21st at 9:00 a.m. PT. to learn why file performance benchmarking truly is an art. My colleagues and I plan to deliver another informative and interactive hour. Please register today and bring your questions. I hope to see you there.

    Update: This webcast is part of a series on storage performance benchmarking. Check out the others:

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