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    New Webcast: Data Center Congestion Control

    Posted by Chad Hintz

    How do new architectures being deployed in today’ s data centers affect IP-based storage? Find out on September 15th in our next SNIA Ethernet Storage Forum live Webcast, “Data Center Congestion Control,” where we will discuss new architectures and a new congestion control mechanism called CONGA. Developed from research done at Stanford, CONGA is a network-based distributed congestion-aware load balancing mechanism. It is being researched for use in next generation data centers to help enhance IP-based storage networks and is becoming available in commercial switches. This Webcast will dive into:

    • A definition of CONGA
    • How CONGA efficiently handles load balancing and asymmetry without TCP modifications
    • CONGA as part of a new data center fabric
    • Spine-Leaf/CLOS architectures
    • Affects of 40g/100g in these architectures
    • The CONGA impact on IP storage networks

    Discover the new data center architectures that will support the most demanding applications such as big data analytics and large-scale web services. As always, this Webcast will be live. I encourage you to register today and bring your questions.


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