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    Next Webcast: The 2015 Ethernet Roadmap for Networked Storage

    Posted by David Fair

    The ESF is excited to announce our next live Webcast, “The 2015 Ethernet Roadmap for Networked Storage.”

    For over three decades, Ethernet has advanced on a simple “powers-of-ten” speed increases, and this model has served the industry well.  Ethernet is changing in big ways and the Ethernet Alliance has captured the latest changes in the 2015 Ethernet Roadmap.

    On June 30th at 10:00 a.m. PT an expert panel comprised of Scott Kipp, President of the Ethernet Alliance, David Chalupsky, Chair IEEE P802.3bq/bz TFs and the Ethernet Alliance BASE-T Subcommittee and myself will present the Ethernet Alliance’s 2015 Ethernet Roadmap for the networking technology that underlies most of future network storage.

    SNIA has focused on protocols and usage models and more or less just takes Ethernet for granted.  The biggest technology disruption in the storage space is the emergence into the mainstream of Non-Volatile Memory (NVM), FLASH in particular.  NVM increasingly moves system bottlenecks from the storage subsystem to the network.  Developments in NVM — most recently 3D FLASH — assure that the cost per GB will continue aggressive declines and demand for bandwidth will go up.  NVM will become more prevalent, making the roadmap for Ethernet increasingly more important to the storage networking community.

    This will be a live and interactive session. I encourage you to register now and bring your questions for our experts. I hope to see you on June 30th.

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