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    New Webcast: Visions For Ethernet Connected Drives

    Posted by David Fair

    Mark your calendar for March 25th as SNIA-ESF, together with the Dell’Oro Group, will be hosting a live Webcast, “Visions for Ethernet Connected Drives.” The arrival of mass-storage services, the emergence of analytics applications and the adoption of object storage by the cloud-services industry have provided an impetus for new storage hardware architectures. One such underlying hardware technology is the Ethernet connected hard drive, which is in early stages of availability.

    Please join us on March 25th to hear Chris DePuy, Vice President of Dell’Oro Group share findings from interviews with storage-related companies, including those selling hard drives, semiconductors, peripherals and systems, as he will present some common themes uncovered, including:

    • What system-level architectural changes may be needed to support Ethernet connected drives
    • What capabilities may emerge as a result of the availability of these new drives
    • What part of the value chain spends the time and money to package working solutions

    We will also present some revenue and unit statistics about the storage systems and hard drive markets and will discuss potential market scenarios that may unfold as a result of the object storage and Ethernet connected drive trends.

    I’ll be hosting the event and together with Chris, taking your questions. I hope you’ll join us.


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